DC Bound Board Members


Nicolai Kreger


  • Coordinate educational field studies tour details with WorldStrides
  • Serve as liaison to Selah C.A.N.
  • Present D. C. Bound and WorldStrides to students
  • Prepare for & present student & Parent Sign-Up & Info Meeting
  • Submit facility use permit for all meetings
  • Arrange for group T-shirt orders
  • Support all Board Members

Email: nicolai07@hotmail.com

Program Leader
Jamie Grubenhoff


  • Assist Administrator with Registration
  • Accounting for participant account balances
  • Prepare for & present student & Parent Sign-Up & Info Meeting
  • Prepare Meeting Agendas
  • Facilitate meetings of Executive Board and General Membership
  • Work closely with fundraiser chairs
  • Assist fundraiser chairs with fundraising packets and guidelines
  • Keep accurate financial books and records
  • Prepare deposits to Selah C.A.N. & D. C. Bound Accounts
  • Prepare participant allocation totals for WorldStrides monthly
  • Update Face book accordingly
  • Support all Board Members

Email: jamiegrubenhoff.dcbound@gmail.com

Amy Hullinger


  • Record and submit D.C. Bound meeting minutes within 2 days to Program Leader.
  • Submit to web master upon approval of Program Leader the minutes, web site corrections or additions  along with any other updates
  • Record board meeting minutes and e-mail to board within 3 days
  • Prepare and send correspondence as delegated by program Leader
  • Prepare publicity announcements as delegated by Program Leader
  • Support all Board Members

Email: ahullinger_75@yahoo.com

administrater WebMaster
Dennis Marquis


  • Create, develop and manage: web content including graphic arts, menus, links and pages to maintain a consistent look and feel throughout the website
  • Coordinate and perform updates to the website with the Program Leader within 1 week including but not limited to the following:
    ·       Create and maintain a photo gallery on the website
    ·       Insure a secure back up of all digital information
    ·       Meeting minutes to be posted within 3 days of meeting
    ·       Update event calendar weekly
  • Support all Board Members

Email: annod007@hotmail.com