D.C. Bound 2019-Fundraiser Schedule

Fall Fundraisers
Event Date Event Chair Phone Number
Gift Of Education Letter Ongoing Jamie Grubenhoff 961-3112
Help Flyer Ongoing Jamie Grubenhoff 961-3112
Fall bub Sale Sep 12-Oct10 Monica Darrasco 406-2442
Grange Dairy Bar Sep 21-Sep30 Anna Hill 985-0441
Holiday Wreath Sale Sep 12-Oct10 Michelie Record 930-1317
Mad Hatter Haunt Oct 2018 Amy Hillinger 833-6557
... Pre Sale Tickets Sep 12-Oct 10 Amy Hillinger 833-6557
Spirit Cups Oct 10-Nov2 Monica Bredwell 930-6386
ImPact Directory Oct/Nov Shelly Biggs 952-8484
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