DC Bound facts

Vision Statement

To provide an opportunity for local students, bi-annually, upon completion of 8th or 9th grade to visit our nation's capitol while learning about U. S. history and government. Students will be empowered to participate as a member of a group while gaining life long learning experiences through goal setting, financial planning, community service and citizenship activities in order to gain a greater appreciation and understanding of what it means to be "Proud To Be An American".



To provide a first-hand opportunity combining education and travel experiences for students while discovering important life skills and learn more about themselves while exploring historical, political, scientific and cultural sites centered around the United States Capitol as well as putting their own skills and talents to the test. 




  • An independent group of students from Selah, Washington
  • Accompanied by adult chaperones
  • Cost per student: $3,486
  • Cost per chaperone: $4,009
  • DC Bound Registration $99
  • WorldStrides Registration $49
  • Spending money, Luggage and Snacks are extra
  • Date of tour: June 8-15, 2019
  • Destination: Washington, D. C. and New York
  • Donations can be sent to:
    Selah C.A.N., Attn: D. C. Bound, PO Box 907, Selah, WA 98942
  • Participation in community service is required for all D. C. Bound members as a way to give back to and to thank our community for its generous support.
  • This accredited educational field studies tour is not associated with the Selah School District; therefore, community support is needed and greatly appreciate.